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Number Diner

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Multiplication, addition and division restaurant simulator designed for ages 8 - 12

The chef's gone fishing and isn't coming back! Are you up for the challenge of running the diner on your own?
Number Diner is a math learning game set in a restaurant simulation. It provides the specific context of a burger diner in a 2D game environment where the math problems are derived from the game's scenario.
Buy ingredients, set your prices and sell burgers as you practice multiplication, addition and division within a meaningful context.
  • Create different burgers to satisfy all kinds of customers.
  • Keep your pantry stocked or you'll miss sales!
  • Adaptive math difficulty responds to the player's level.
  • Improve your diner with different upgrades.
  • Try on different outfits for your avatar.
  • Choose from over 8 different avatars.
  • 4 separate user save slots.
  • iCloud enabled.

"The math is not overt in that there are no drills or quizzes, but it is cleverly incorporated into the game itself." -

"I actually really like the art style and aesthetic. Like a very high-quality papa louie game" - Doughnuts4Every1

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