A game I started working on in 2015. It's a tilt controlled, shoot em up dystopian race of pigeons. I'm building it with apple's Sprite Kit.

Why tilt?

Because tilt-based controls work so well on the iPhone.

Why Sprite Kit?

Because unity was keeping the game from running as fast I wanted it to feel and I wanted to draw or paint the artwork, not model it. Personally I think Unity is way better suited for a 3d game.

Read more here.

A game about the business of making cupcakes. Buy ingredients, create some recipes, take the orders and deliver.

I had a lot of fun making that little town and its inhabitants. Find them here.

Video by Motion Math

Based on PIZZAIOLI! , my final project at Stanford's Learning, Design & Technology master's program. Find out more at the app store.

Video by Pappas appar

Math facts in an endless runner.

Video by Pappas appar

This one's a rhythm based game. Hit the arrow keys to the beat of the opponents' drum to secure your team's victory. Made for the 2016 GJJ. Play web version here or download from the global game jam website.