Think of it as Temple Run for math ... perfect prep for timed math tests.

My 3rd grade math intervention group played this the other day and just loved it!...It does cost, $.99, but I figured (thanks to the almighty Cloud), that was a good deal :)

Overall, Number Run is a pretty awesome math game for your young ones. It looks awesome and is actually fun to play.

For once, here is an educational game that actually feels like a real game. The game mechanic works great and the app flows well. I feel like much thought was given into making the app to ensure that it comes out polished.

Developing fluency with math facts can be a tedious experience for children and adults alike. I mean, how many times can we play addition war, or multiplication Go Fish without going a bit insane?! There are a lot of great math fact apps out there, but we are especially excited about a new app store offering called Number Run.

Best Kids iPad Learning Apps, Winter 2013