Duke Dexter and his evil minions are back to take over Velo City. They have all new tricks and traps to cook Pigeon's tenders -it's more than a bird can handle. Luckily, our hero's got a squad. Shoot, dodge and boost with Cunningham -the hotshot hamster, Presto -our literal fish out of water, and the rest of Pigeon's friends. It's too late to be afraid, it's time to STRIKE!

TouchArcade Game of the Week, April 12, 2019

"An endless runner to coo over", PocketGamer 4.5/5.0

"Best new iPhone games April 10th, 2019", TouchArcade

"5 best new games for iOS and Android this week" - April 11th, 2019, PocketGamer

"'Pigeon Wings STRIKE' is a New Endless 'Pigeon Wings'...", TouchArcade PIGEON WINGS STRIKE | Hands-on video

The jet-fueled sequel to Pigeon Wings - on the Best Games of the Year lists of TouchArcade, Macworld, CNET, Nerdly, and TechRadar.

Huge thanks to the fans of the original:

"Awesome graphics and story. Changed my mind on tilt control!" - Hots56

"Excellent, must own iOS game!" - AnotherkellydwN

"The only bad thing is how cocky pigeon can be." - brianmick

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