Pigeon Wings game poster

A game by I.Schiefelbein & K.Hattori / main music by June or July

story music by Brad Podray / intro music by L.Kalmar


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Stuff Magazine App of the week, Aug 11, 2017

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A mysterious aeronautics titan is bent on destroying East Megalopolis and Pigeon's the only bird who can stop him. Join General Exposition, battle the devious pilot XO-9999, and prove that Pigeon ain't no chicken nugget!
  • Race, shoot and boost your way through 50 levels of crushing speed.
  • Tough. As. Nails. Get ready to hit restart!
  • Unlock engine upgrades to squeeze by the competition.
  • New music by June or July and Brad Podray .
  • Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Lonnie's Pigeon Wings gameplay video ------>LonnieDos

"Pigeon Wings is the epitome of what makes games on the mobile platform so unique and one-of-a-kind." - TouchArcade's review ★★★★★

"A superb, silly, playable slice of arcade racing that's aviary good game." - Stuff ★★★★★

"how can anyone resist a game where a pigeon is all that stands between a city and total annihilation?" - AppAdvice ★★★★★

"I've been playing a lot of puzzle games lately, and Pigeon Wings has been a fantastic break from them" - MacStories

"Pigeon Wings feels totally distinctive." - MacWorld

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"each victory will be celebrated as a BIG victory" - ★★★★☆

"Pigeon Wings is truly a little surprise indie hit!" - App Gemeinde ★★★★☆

"...don't slip on this one as it's very skill-based, controls wonderfully even if you're not big on tilting, and as some of the beta testers have said it's polished to all heck" - TouchArcade

"The presentation of Pigeon Wings is in its simplicity quite appealing and is - like the gameplay - in the tradition of titles like Canabalt and alone" - ★★★★☆

"Do not fail 10 times, this game you never expect through a pass " -

"Yes, exactly, you have understood well: pigeons! This is the story of Pigeon Wings" - iPhoneItalia

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